Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and ready for a week of fun and learning, March 30 - April 3! 

Monday, March 30th Assignments........

Morning Work - Begin your school day doing your Morning Worksheet #101

BIBLE - Memory Verse:  John 14:1
"Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God; trust also in me.  In my Father's house are many rooms, if it were not so, I would have told you."
Today on our Zoom class we will review last week's lesson, "Daniel Is Taken Captive".  Then I will introduce this week's lesson - "Daniel Shows His Wisdom"

SPELLING - List 28 Words - Spelling Workbook - Page 110
Do "Word Sort" activity.

MATH - Today on our Zoom class, I will introduce our new unit on Geometry - lines, line segments, and rays.  Then for practice on this new concept, students are to do an activity on the IXL Program.
IXL Learning - Math - CC. Two-dimensional Shapes
                                     5.  Lines, Line Segments and Rays



Good Morning!   I will be doing live classes Monday and Wednesday's at 10:00 AM.  Please use the link below to join our class.  You will use this link every time you join our Zoom Class Meeting,.

Mrs. Meyers' Zoom Classroom
Hope everyone had a great day!  It sure has been a fast week!  Already time to get ready for Friday and a weekend!

Friday, March 27th Assignments.........

BIBLE - Say your memory verse, James 1:6, to a parent/grandparent
                Do Lesson 25 Quiz on pages 10-11 of your Bible packet

SPELLING - List 27 Test - Have a parent/grandparent call words out to you.

MATH - IXL Learning Program - Math - G. Multiplication Fluency
          5.  Multiplication Tables for 6, 7, 8, and 9

ENGLISH - IXL Learning Program - Language Arts - Grammar & Mechanics
          OO, Adjectives & Adverbs
          6. Choose between adjectives and adverbs

SCIENCE - Watch a video about plants.  Go to:
          What is a Plant?  All About Plants for Kids - Free School

Look for my morning video! 

As I was at school today working in the quietness with empty desk, my heart was sadden and missing my students so much!  But know that for although we are n't together they are in my thoughts and prayers. 

Thursday, March 26 Assignments

MORNING WORK - Do a Morning Worksheet

BIBLE - In Bible Lesson Packet, do pages 8 and 9 Trusting God Lesson and Listening to Parents Lesson

SPELLING - Put your List 27 Spelling Words in ABC Order

MATH - IXL Program - Math - Z. Operations with fractions
          1. Fractions of a number - Unit Fractions
         2.  Fractions of a number

READING - IXL Program - Language Arts - Reading - M. Analyzing Literature
          *  New! Read Historical Fiction

ART - For Art today go to Mrs. Harrison's Blog -

Look for my morning video and an email I sent out.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Tuesday!  Good job on your IXL Learning Program work today!

So let's look at what tomorrow (Wednesday) has scheduled........

Do a Morning Worksheet from your packet.

Bible - On your lesson packet on Page 7, do "Choosing To Obey God" lesson.

Spelling - Write List 27 Words 3 times each circling the vowels in the words.
List 27 Words:  head, feathers, shelter, bread, weather, bedspread, member, ready, breakfast, heaven, already, entered, instead, health, center, heavy, supplies, shadier, guessed, guest

English - IXL Learning - Language Arts - Grammar & Mechanics Section
          MM. Verb Tense
          3. Form and Use the regular past tense
          4. Identify the irregular past tense

Science - IXL Learning - Science
          L. Plants
          2. Identify plant parts and their functions.
          3. How do plants make food?

Music - Our new Music Teacher, Mrs. Durrell, posted on her blog a "Freeze Dance" video that you …
My dear and precious students, I want you to know that I miss you sooooo much!  As I work on our lesson plans knowing we all want be together in our class is just hard.  But we have to do what we have to do to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

So begin your Tuesday morning with one of your morning sheets. 

In Bible (Lesson Packet) - do Monday, March 23 Lesson - The story of Daniel
          Memory Verse:  James 1:6  "But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the
          one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind."

Spelling (Packet) - List 27 Practice Sheet

Math - Sign in to IXL Learning (Math) - Section Y. Compare Fractions
          1.  Compare Fractions Using Models
          2.  Compare Fractions Using Number Lines
          7.  Comparing Fractions in Recipes

Reading - Sign in to IXL Learning (Language Arts) - Section M. Analyzing Literature
          New:  Read Fantasy and Answer Questions

For some extra fun and learning, the …
What a beautiful day today!  Students hope you were able to go outside some.  I see from my reports that we had 100% participation in the IXL Learning Program today!  Way to go class!

So, for tomorrow (Friday) I would like you to start out with doing one of your morning worksheets and one of your cursive writing worksheets.

For Bible - Refer to your Bible Lesson packet for Friday, March 20th.  Say your Memory Verse (James 1:5) to a parent/grandparent and have them sign the sheet verifying you said it to them.  Also, complete Lesson 24 Quiz - A Family Reunion on Page 5.  You can use the worksheets you did this week to complete the Quiz. 

For Spelling  Test - Have someone call out List 26 words to you.

Your Math Assignment is in the IXL Learning Program. 
Sign in and click on Third Grade Math
Scroll down to G. Multiplication Fluency
Do #1 and #2 - Multiplication Tables for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10
Feel free to click on other math fact tables that you need to practice.

Several of you students …