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Fun week of learning!  We started our Reading Groups and center boxes.  A challenge for the students is to whisper while working in centers with their partner,  We also started Science.  We are learning about weather.  Students were assigned a science project to chart the weather for 2 weeks.  It is due on October 7. 

I was very proud of all the hard work students did on their probes, "All About Me".  Their next probe, "My Favorite Animal" is due on October 7. 

Reminder that student's reading logs for the month of September are due on Tuesday, October 1.  On their reading log sheets, they should have recorded 20 readings for 20 minutes for the month of September. 

Looking at next week: 
Spelling - List 6 - Long "u" patterns
Bible - Abraham's Faith and Obedience
Math - 2- & 3-digit Subtraction; renaming tens and hundreds; Chapter 3 Review
English - Parts of Speech
Reading - Sequencing events in a story
Science - Topics:  Rain, Sleet, Snow, Hail

WOW we have completed our fourth week of Third Grade!  We've got a great start on our studies!  Next week in Spelling we will be studying long "o" patterns in words.  In Bible we will be studying about the birth of Isaac.  In Math students will be adding/subtracting 2 digit numbers.  In English we will be identifying nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in sentences.  Next week we will start Reading Groups and Centers.  We completed Chapter 1 in Social Studies.  Next week we will start Science, the Weather Unit,   Student's probe project, "All About Me" is due Monday, Sept. 23rd,

Thank you for donations already received toward our fall festival theme basket, "Family Night Fun".  Please bring your items in by Friday, October 25th for our class basket.
This week in Third Grade was busy; yet a fun week of learning new things.  Students were assigned a Probe Project that is due on Monday, Sept. 23.  In Math we began learning place value using manipulatives to demonstrate place value.  In Social Studies, students made an artifact out of salt clay as we learnt about examing primary and secondary sources. 

Next week in Bible, we will be studying about Abraham, Sarah, Lot and their people in new land that God brought them to.  In Spelling, students will be learning words that have long i patterns.  In English, students will be learning what abstract nouns, pronouns and adjectives are.  In Math, students will be putting 4-6 digit numbers in order from less to greatest and learning Roman Numerals.  In Social Studies next week we will finish up Chapter 1, "Beginnings" and students will have their Chapter 1 Social Studies Test on Friday, September 20.  We will do Social Studies Trivia Games to review events and make a study guide.  …
So proud of my third grade class!  They have been working so hard on their work!   Next week they will be assigned their first probe project,  Details and guidelines for this project will be sent home on Monday, Sept. 9th.  We will also start Reading Groups and Centers next week.  Our Bible lesson will be on commands and promises of God.  We will look at Abraham as an example of obedience to the commands of God,  In Spelling we will be working with words that have long e patterns, identifying rhyming words and putting words in alphabetical order.  In Grammar will be reviewing different types of nouns.  In our Reading Groups we will be identifying problems and solutions in a story.  We will start Chapter 2 in Math on place value.  In Social Studies we will be talking about The Great Awakening, trade, identifying trade routes on a map, and The Revolutionary War.