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We had a great week of learning! 

Our class fall festival basket looks amazing!  Thank you parents and students!  Hope to see you Saturday, Nov, 2 at our Fall Festival!

A glance at next week:
     No school Monday, Nov, 4 - Parent Teacher Conferences
     Bible - Jacob Returns To Canaan
     Spelling - "R" influenced vowels /ar/ /or/ oor
     Math - Round to estimate;  Subtracting 4-digit numbers; ordering numbers; Chapter 5 Review
                 Math Test on Friday, Nov. 8
     Reading - Context Clues in a story
     Science - Begin Vertebrates/Invertebrates Science Unit
     English - Writing a three-point Expository Paragraph

Probe:  "My Favorite Place" - Due Tuesday, Nov. 5

Family Project:  "Disguise A Turkey" - Due Tuesday, Nov. 12

Our 3rd grade class rocks!  We have received an abundance amount of games, puzzles, and snacks for our class' fall festival "Family Fun Night" basket!  Thanks for your donations! 

Still in need of volunteers to help run our class game at Fall Festival,  Also, the Kindergarten Class will be doing a cake walk at the festival and need cupcakes/cakes for their prizes.  If you would like to donate to that, please let Mrs. Godfrey know.

A glance at our studies next week........
     Bible - Sowing and Reaping Lesson
     Spelling - Suffix ed and ing; drop final e patterns
     Math - Adding/Subtracting Whole Numbers; 4 digits; Estimating
     Reading - Retelling Stories Skill
     English - Expository Writing - Rough and Final Draft
     Social Studies - Constitution/Bill of Rights Review/Test

This week has been busy and full of learning new things!  Students have enjoyed reading a mystery story and learning how to read charts.  They started working on new center assignments this week.

Looking ahead at next week.....
     Bible - Jacob's Dream
     Math - Data - Interpreting Charts
     Spelling - Suffixes, Double Final Consonant patterns
     English - Review SN, V, Adj., Adv., A., Classifying Sentences, 4 Kinds of Sentences
     Reading - Students summarizing what they have read
     Social Studies - Studying Bill of Rights, Religious Freedom, Strength of Constitution

     Probe - Topic:  Fall Season - Due Monday, Oct.21

     Fall Festival Class Theme Basket - "Family Night Fun" - Please bring donated items in by Friday,
     Oct, 25

     Please sign up on sheet outside our classroom door if you can help out with our game at the
     Fall Festival on Saturday, Nov. 2.

Thank you parents for all you do for our class!
Third Grade has been so excited about the Penny War Fundraiser!  Our jug is almost full to the top!  Thank you Third Grade Families!

Here's a glance at our studies for next week.......
     Bible - "Our Inner Character"; Godliness and a Thankful Spirit
     Spelling - /s/ spelled c after e and i; homophones
     Math - Beginning Chapter 4: Charts/Tables; read and interpret charts
     Reading - Reading a story and making connections to it; identifying characters in a mystery
                      and drawing conclusions based on the clues.
     English - Identifying the Article Adjective (a, an, the) in a sentence; identifying the four kinds
                     of sentences
     Social Studies - Begin Chapter 2:  "The Constitution"
     Probe - Topic: "Fall Season" - Due Monday, October 21
     Pastor Appreciation Chapel - Friday, October 18th

We need items for our "Family Night Fun Basket" for the Fall Festival.  Please bring in …
This has been a great week!  A shout out to my students for doing a terrific job in their centers! 

Looking ahead to next week.........
     Spelling - List 7 - long/short vowel patterns; recognizing guide words in dictionary; rhyming words
     Bible - Story of Jacob and Esau
     Math - Adding/Subtracting of Whole Numbers; Rounding to Estimate 4-Digit Addition
     English - Classify Sentences - Subject nouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, and Article Adjectives
     Reading - Identifying Tone and Mood of Story - Read a Encylopedia Brown Mystery looking for
          clues and conclusions
     Science - Making weather books; facts on different types of weather,

Probe - "My Favorite Animal" due on Monday, October 7
Weather Chart - Due on Monday, October 7
White T-Shirt -  Please bring in a white t-shirt for your child by Wednesday, October 9 so we can tie-
     dye shirts for our field trip.
Fall Festival Class Basket - Need items for our "Family Fun" the…