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This week students had a great jumpstart on working on their multiplication math facts.  Every Tuesday and Thursday they will have a minute test that consist of 20 multiplication facts.  Once they pass the math fact they move on to next one.  Student's goal is to pass all 12 multiplication facts by the end of school year.

Student's Probe "The First Thanksgiving Compared to Your Family's Thanksgiving Today"

No School Wednesday-Friday, Nov. 27-29 - Thanksgiving Holiday

On Tuesday, November 26, I will be bringing breakfast food snacks for students to enjoy together during our morning snack time (9:05--9:25).   If any parents would like to send anything in for this, please let me know.

Students will not have a spelling word list or bible memory verse next week.


Monday -  During the day students will be on a Thanksgiving Rotation Schedule -
They will go to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class rooms.  Stations will be set up in classrooms to …
Our field trip to Jamestown-Yorktown was cold but a great trip!  I just want to thank you parents and grandparents for going with our class!  Our class learnt a lot and enjoyed the fellowship with one another.

This week in Math we started multiplication.  Starting next week, every Tuesday and Thursday students will take a minute test on their multiplication math facts.  This test consist of 20 equations they answer quickly and fluently in a minute.  Once they pass one math factor they move on to next one,  Their goal by the end of 3rd grade is to pass all 12 multiplication math facts.

Their new Probe assignment topic is "The First Thanksgiving Compared To Your Family's Thanksgiving Today".  This probe is due on Monday, November 25.

Glance at next week's studies......
Bible - Joseph Sold As A Slave
Spelling- List 13 (chairs, bears, airport, staring, upstairs, pair, haircut, fair, pears, hare, rare, repair, tear, barefoot, sportswear, beware, serve, church, there, their)…
No School on Monday, Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day

Disguise A Turkey Project - Due on Tuesday, Nov. 12

FIELD TRIP on Wednesday, Nov. 13 - To Jamestown & Yorktown, VA - Be at school @ 5:40 AM

LCS is collecting Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes - Due Nov. 22

TOPICS - Week of Nov. 11-15
Bible - Joseph - Jacob's Favorite Son

Spelling - List 12 (her, church, first, birthday, third, serve, hurt, turning, thirst, verse, skirt, burned, squirm, nurse, songbird, mercy, large, before, very, every) - R influenced words  ir, ur

Math - Begin Multiplication

Reading - Read "Danger On The Mountain" - Identify important elements in a story's plot.

Science - Studying Vertebrates

English - Prepositions, Object of Prepositions, Prepositional Phrases