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Students worked hard this week!  I'm so proud of them for their hard work! 

Next week at a glance,,,,,,,,

Bible - Joseph's Prophecies Come True
Memory Verse:  1 Thessalonians 4:17

Spelling - List 21 - Contractions
doesn't, they're, it's, you're,  won't, its, you've, that's, we're, I've, can't, whose, let's, who's, here's, they've, soft, because, busy, build

Math - Begin Chapter on Time and Calendars
Continue working on Multiplication Math Facts

Reading - Charlotte's Web - Chapters 11-14
Month of January Reading Logs - Due on Monday, Feb. 3rd

English - Listening and Speaking Skills; giving oral directions to a place and writing directions,

Science - The five senses

Probe assigned:  Student to do research on President that they have been assigned,
Due:  Monday, February 10th

PEP RALLY - Wednesday, Feb, 5th
Boosterthon  - Wild West Theme - Each student will bring home a pledge book.

CLASS STORE - Students will get to go …
We had fun learning new things this week!  In Bible we studied about Joseph interpreting the Bakers's dream and about being patient.  In Math we worked on division facts with 6 and 7 as divisor,  Students are still working on Multiplication facts,  Their goal is to know all math facts 1-12 by the end of the year.   All students accomplishing this goal will be taken to the movies on a special field trip at end of school year.   The class is enjoying reading "Charlotte's Web".  In Science we are studying the sensor organs.  We have had fun doing activities in Science.

Next week at a glance..........

Bible - Joseph interprets Pharaoh's two dreams

Spelling - /o/ spelled a, au, augh, aw, o spelling patterns in List 20 Spelling List:
soft, taught, drawing, mall,cloth, paws, across, caught, pause, because, tossing, unsalted, crawl, sauce, dawn, daughter,, changes, gym, enough, young

Math - Solve division facts 6, 7, 8, 9 as divisors - Multiplication Fact Test on  Tuesda…
Third Grade had a great week of learning!  In Reading the students began reading "Charlotte's Webb".  In Math we completed Chapter 7 on Division Facts to 5.  In Social Studies we completed our studies on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Daniel Boone.

Next Week At A Glance........

Bible - Lesson - Joseph Waits in Prison

Spelling - /j/ spelled j; g - List 19 Words
huge, job, germs, bridge, joined, gym, edges, changes, joints, danger, wages, gem, just, judge, ginger, strange, choice, putting, laugh, lives

Math - Begin Chapter 12 - Division Facts to 10

Reading - "Charlotte's Webb" Chapters 4-8

English - Chapter 6 Introduce Helping Verbs, Natural and Inverted Order, Coordinate Conjunctions and compound sentences

Science - Begin Unit:  Wonderfully Made:  Human Body


Monday, January 20th - Holiday - No School

Probe - "My Family's Christmas Vacation 2019" - Due Tuesday, January 21

Still in need of items for our class store.
Happy New Year!  Our class jumped right into learning after a great holiday break!  Students began working on division and they are grasping the concept very well.  Students need to continue learning their math facts which helps them in doing their division equations.

Glance at next week's studies,,,,,,,,

Bible - Joseph's Life in Prison

Math - Division Problems and Drilling on Math Facts

Reading - Begin reading "Charlotte's Web"

Spelling - oi, oy, oo, u, oul pattern words
              List 18 Words:  full, choice, enjoyed, wood, putting, could, pulled, noise, would, soybeans,                    should, wool, voices, pushing, loyal, rejoice, power, about, thought, through

English - Practice Sentences - Reviewing all parts of speech we have learnt thus far.

Social Studies - Review life of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Daniel Boone.


Probe - Entitled "My Family's Christmas Vacation 2019" -  Student to write ab…