I hope everyone had a fantastic Tuesday!  Good job on your IXL Learning Program work today!

So let's look at what tomorrow (Wednesday) has scheduled........

Do a Morning Worksheet from your packet.

Bible - On your lesson packet on Page 7, do "Choosing To Obey God" lesson.

Spelling - Write List 27 Words 3 times each circling the vowels in the words.
List 27 Words:  head, feathers, shelter, bread, weather, bedspread, member, ready, breakfast, heaven, already, entered, instead, health, center, heavy, supplies, shadier, guessed, guest

English - IXL Learning - Language Arts - Grammar & Mechanics Section
          MM. Verb Tense
          3. Form and Use the regular past tense
          4. Identify the irregular past tense

Science - IXL Learning - Science
          L. Plants
          2. Identify plant parts and their functions.
          3. How do plants make food?

Music - Our new Music Teacher, Mrs. Durrell, posted on her blog a "Freeze Dance" video that you may enjoy.
Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UcZWXvgMZE

Have a great Wednesday of learning!  Look for my morning video! 

Missing you and praying for you!


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